October 30, 2023

The Finals: A Competitive Multiplayer Shooter with Esports Potential

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The Finals, developed by Embark Studios, has quickly gained popularity since its open beta release on October 26th. Created by senior ex-Battlefield developers, this unique shooter aims to become a top-tier esports game in the future.

The Finals: A Competitive Multiplayer Shooter with Esports Potential

Competitive By Nature

The Finals is a multiplayer-focused game that provides a competitive experience, making it an ideal foundation for an esports game. With AI-powered in-game commentators, strategic team-based combat, and highly destructible maps, each game offers a unique and high-octane experience. The mix of characters and abilities allows for different playstyles and empowers players to showcase their skills.

One of the leading game modes in The Finals is Cashout. In this mode, small teams fight to loot 'vaults' and deposit the cash in 'cashout sites' while defending against other teams. The game is fast-paced and driven by ability-based elements, such as heavy-set characters ramming down obstacles and agile-build characters boasting temporary invisibility powers. The game's mechanics also encourage players to support their team through healing abilities.

The Growing Popularity

The Finals has already gained a massive following, with over a quarter of a million peak players on Steam alone shortly after its open beta release. Its free-to-play model and availability on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 ensure that millions of players can access the game.

The Future of The Finals

While Embark Studios has not fully embraced the esports scene yet, there are indications that tournaments and leaderboards will be a core part of The Finals. With its competitive nature, growing popularity, and planned updates, The Finals has the potential to become a prominent esports game.

If you haven't had a chance to try The Finals, the open beta is still available for a few more days. Don't miss out on experiencing what could be the future of esports.

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