Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with MasterCard

Mastercard is one of the top credit card networks used for processing online payments globally. Most eSports casinos have accepted Mastercard since it is a reliable and convenient payment method. Players can use Mastercard to conduct safe and secure money transfers such as deposits and withdrawals.

If you’re an eSports gambling enthusiast, you can check with your providers to determine whether they accept the Mastercard payment method. We want to give you some insights into this banking option in this guide. You’ll also understand why it’s crucial to join Mastercard esports to enjoy online gambling. Ready? Let’s get rolling.

Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with MasterCard
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Is Mastercard popular?

Mastercard has been widely accepted by customers using credit and debit cards worldwide. Mastercard has partnered with over 25,000 financial institutions around the world. In eSports gambling, players easily find casinos that accept this payment method. Mastercard is one of the most popular banking options in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Venezuela and Hungary.

Mastercard was founded in the USA in 1966 after the BankAmericard (later became a Visa card) was created. Mastercard had its original name as ‘Interbank,’ which later changed into ‘Master Charge’ from 1969 to 1979. The name Mastercard has been in use since 1979, serving as the second payment option after Visa. Mastercard has its headquarters in New York, America, but spreads its services to over 200 countries.

With the payment option accepted in various countries, gamblers in the eSports casinos can benefit from the payment options they provide. You’ll be lucky to use Mastercard since it uses 150 currencies. That means you have a chance to use Mastercard as a withdrawal or deposit method in your casino.

Mastercard offers payment options like credit, debit and prepaid cards. You can join an eSports casino and use your Mastercard credit, debit or prepaid card to deposit or withdraw cash. However, ensure you do your homework to check whether your online bookmakers allow such payment options.

How to make a deposit with Mastercard

Using Mastercard in eSports casinos

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to start using your Mastercard when making deposits, and you only need to understand a few steps and start using a payment option that keeps your information safe and secure. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Visit your eSports casino to get started.
  • Head to the cashier page, where you’ll find the option to deposit or withdraw.
  • Click ‘deposit.’ Once you click deposit, you’ll find several deposit options. Select Mastercard and move to the next step.
  • Enter details as required, e.g., card number, name, and expiration date.
  • Make a deposit. Here, you’ll enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Check your account. The money will reflect in your account immediately, and you can use it to start playing your favorite eSports games.

You can connect your eSports casino account to your bank account. After you’ve entered all the required information, your bank will credit your eSports casino with the amount indicated. You can make a daily deposit of $10 to $5000. Always head to your favorite eSports casino cashier section to learn about their daily deposit limits.

How to withdraw at eSports casinos using Mastercard

Most eSports casinos accept Mastercard as a withdrawal method. And the good thing is, such casinos will display information about withdrawal at their sites. This is how you need to do to withdraw cash using a Mastercard at eSports Casinos.

  • Visit your eSports casino and open the cashier’s section.

  • Click “withdraw” and select Mastercard as your withdrawal option.

  • Enter the withdrawal amount. Once you’ve keyed in the amount you want to withdraw, the casino will process your information to make verifications. If all goes well, you’ll get your money in 2-3 business days. However, this may vary depending on the eSports casino of your choice.

It’s hard to come up with a daily withdrawal limit using Mastercard. Check with your eSports betting site to know their daily withdrawal limit. Luckily, eSports betting sites have developed apps where players can bet and conduct money transfers using their smartphones.

The Mastercard mobile app will connect your card to your Mastercard esports to make money transfer more convenient. You can use the Mastercard app to withdraw directly from your eSports casino anytime and anywhere.

Pros and cons with Mastercard


  • Has broadly accepted by eSports casinos. You’ll hardly find an online bookmaker which doesn’t accept Mastercard. That means you won’t have to spend much time looking for eSports casinos that take the Mastercard payment method.

  • Secure payment method. Mastercard has been in operation for decades, and most eSports casinos can always find a reason to trust it.

  • Has a mobile banking app. Mastercard has a mobile app that allows players to make money transfers using their smartphones or iPhones.

  • Fast deposits. You don’t have to spend too long to deposit your cash. The money can reflect in your account immediately.


  • It takes longer to withdraw. You can wait up to five business days to receive your money.
  • Mastercard may charge a 2% fee when withdrawing.

Mastercard account opening process

By now, you must be wondering why you’ve not yet opened an account with Mastercard to make money transfers at your eSports betting sites. We’ll take you step by step on how you can acquire this banking option.

How to set up an account

Before applying for a Mastercard, decide which card is right for you. Mastercard allows its customers to use credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. You can head to your local bank that offers Mastercard services to apply for one. However, banks will allow players to open their Mastercard online via their website. Players can key in the following information when opening their accounts.

  • Legal name
  • Social Security number
  • A valid address
  • Income and Housing Costs. Banks will ask for such information when applying for a credit Mastercard.

Such information may vary depending on the card you’re applying for. Always check all the details your bank requires when opening a Mastercard account. The account holder must be of 18 years and above to be allowed to open a Mastercard account.

Mastercard customer support options

Mastercard has a dedicated support group to help its customers solve its services issues. You can easily contact the support group via emails, phone calls, or live chats. The good thing is that you’ll find someone to help you 24/7, all around the year.

You can rest assured that the support group will have someone familiar with your language.
So, you can’t find your card? Did it get stolen? Would you want a cash advance? The support group has everything that you want when you have an issue.

  • If you’re in the US, use their emergency number 1-800-MASTERCARD (1-800-627-8372)
  • If you’re outside the US, use the emergency number 1-636-722-7111.
  • Send them an email via inquiries@Mastercard.com.
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