Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with MuchBetter

Online payment apps have gained traction in the gambling industry because they let gamblers store and move funds easily at the touch of a button. MuchBetter is one of the most preferred app-based payment gateways for eSports betting. The revolutionary e-wallet can be funded by MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, bank wire, and other e-transfer financial services.

Numerous online esports betting sites have incorporated MuchBetter as a deposit method as it attracts mobile gamers and punters who love the convenience of betting from their comfort zones. The payment method can also be used to receive winnings from an eSports betting platform at incredibly low fees.

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About MuchBetter eSports betting

MuchBetter was launched in 2017 in Douglas, United Kingdom and has since acquired over 150,000 customers worldwide. By 2018, the company had enabled at least 10,000 MasterCard options and 40,000 NFC payment devices. Today, it operates as a fully-licensed mobile app downloadable on iOS and Android.

Over 120 online merchants support MuchBetter, with some of the leading iGaming companies in the world being on board. Recently, the eGaming Review Magazine granted MuchBetter the reward for a Rising Star. Jens Bader, one of its co-founders received a PayExpo's Payments Power 10 Awards, recognizing him as a key contributor in the payments industry.

Is MuchBetter popular?

Esports betting providers are continuously looking for alternative payment methods and have found MuchBetter to be a good match. The service is well understood by the gambling community, especially in the European region. When users fund their MuchBetter accounts, they can utilize those funds for eSports betting.

The payment method also allows account holders to use debit cards, prepaid cards, and multi-currency accounts all in one app. It supports three main currencies namely USD, EUR, and GBP. The app is protected by PIN code or biometric authentication, so there’s no need to recall passwords and usernames. If any of the linked cards is lost, the user can freeze it within the app to prevent fraud.

How to make a deposit with MuchBetter

The availability of MuchBetter on smartphones makes life easier for eSports fans who love betting on the move. All they need is a mobile number to confirm payment. MuchBetter uses a dynamic CVV code, that is automatically generated by the app when the user initiates a transaction. The following steps are involved in depositing funds to an eSports betting website.

  1. Registration with a eSports betting with MuchBetter as a payment method
  2. Logging in to the account
  3. Finding the deposit button to initiate a deposit
  4. Selecting MuchBetter from the list of e-wallets available
  5. Following the instruction to log in to the MuchBetter app
  6. Keying in the amount to send
  7. Confirmation of the transaction through a CVV sent via mobile app

All deposits at any gambling site are free of charge and take a few minutes to complete. Those using bitcoins to fund their accounts will enjoy instant deposits.

Using MuchBetter as a payment option for eSports

MuchBetter customers can pay by the bank since the provider allows them to link their bank accounts to the e-wallet via the dedicated mobile app. However, they should note the daily spending limit of their banks to avoid going overboard. MasterCard limit for MuchBetter is on the lower end, e.g., daily spending is $300 but customers may request an increase from the support through the smart app.

How to make a withdrawal with MuchBetter

MuchBetter withdrawals happen at a faster speed than most conventional banking methods. After cashing out to the e-wallet, the customer can transfer the funds to their bank accounts or a mobile wallet. Withdrawal of winnings from eSports betting takes these steps:

  1. Start a withdrawal request by opening the payouts page at the eSports bookie
  2. Select MuchBetter
  3. Write down the mobile number
  4. Wait for approval from the sportsbook
  5. Money is credited to the player's account

The above process can take one or two days, depending on the betting operator. There is no fee for withdrawing from a gambling site. The daily withdrawal limits are not the same for every bookmaker. The details are stated in the T&C section of the site.

Mobile users find MuchBetter to be more convenient because they don’t have to log in to a different interface when cashing out. They are redirected to the app within the same smartphone they use to bet without giving out sensitive financial data. In addition to the bookmaker’s verification, MuchBetter also verifies the customer’s identity before crediting any money into their account with a CVV code.

Pros and cons with MuchBetter

MuchBetter is preferred by online merchants, betting websites, and online bettors for good reasons. Here is why it makes a convenient payment method.


  • Free MasterCard
  • Low currency exchange rates (0.99%)
  • Multicurrency payments
  • Improved KYC and safety
  • Realtime transactions
  • Speedy verification and transactions
  • User-friendly app


MuchBetter is relatively new, so changes are expected in future. While it is an easier option for eSports betting, it may not provide all the cool features of some longstanding -wallets. Like any other payment provider, MuchBetter has a few drawbacks.

  • MuchBetter Mastercard is only available in EU countries
  • Some credit cards are charged 8%, depending on the country

MuchBetter account opening process

One can open a MuchBetter account quickly and simply. This happens on the official wallet website and the mobile app. The provider usually asks for personal details to verify their age and country of residence. All applications must be completed by customers who have attained the minimum legal age in their country, which is usually 18 years.

How to set up an account

  1. Go to MuchBetter homepage
  2. Click the Sign-Up button
  3. Enter the name, email, date of birth, mobile number, currency preference, physical address, postal code and address
  4. Fill out a 6-digit OTP sent to the registered phone number
  5. MuchBetter will send an SMS with a link for downloading the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  6. Launch the app by entering the phone number and a security code

To get a free MasterCard, the customer must submit some verification documents like a national ID, driver’s license, or passport. A deposit of 30 EUR is required to activate the card. Then it is shipped to the customer’s address within a few working days. Furthermore, the e-wallet can be linked to a bank account.

It should be noted that MuchBetter is more popular in some countries like the UK, Germany, and Canada. Esports players from other countries may not enjoy the service and its benefits. However, its special MasterCard can be used at any ATMs and stores that accept MasterCard.

MuchBetter customer support options

MuchBetter has a dedicated customer support system that replies to users in time to ensure minimum disruption. Help is available in form of:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Automated live chat
  • Social media messaging

Support tickets are reviewed within the same day and a response is sent to the client via email. Those who want quick answers to general questions will find them in the FAQ section. The site is available in over 10 languages, so customers can switch to a language they deem fit. These include English, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, etc.

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